If stained or yellowed teeth is making you feel self-conscious, The DiBona Dental Group can help! We utilize the latest teeth whiting techniques to brighten your smile. In fact, you can whiten your teeth between 2-8 shades in 20 minutes. Now that's something to smile about! 

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Iveri Teeth Whitening

Iveri teeth whitening gel consists of a solution that is safe for even the most sensitive of teeth. Carbamide Peroxide is an oxidizing agent most commonly used in whitening products. Iveri Whitening uses a concentrated blend of professional strength Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide to deliver whitening results quickly. Potassium Nitrate, a key ingredient in Iveri Whitening gel, has been proven to virtually eliminate teeth sensitivity. And unlike other teeth whitening products, our gel uses Xylitol which not only sweetens the solution, but, more notably, keeps your teeth hydrated throughout the whitening process.