Pure Encapsulations

The only supplements our in-house registered dietitian, Nina Pauk and the DiBona Dental Group trust are Pure Encapsulations. Renowned for using the highest grade ingredients, no artificial colors, hidden fillers or coatings, they also provide full disclosure of the ingredients listed.

Most importantly, they are one of the only companies that have a 3rd party lab verify potency of ingredients and verify claims. Pure Encapsulations only sell to licensed health care professionals as they believe the strongest link between proper supplementation and the consumer is the presence and guidance of a health care professional.

It is no surprise that over 36,000 health care professionals (including DiBona Dental Group) use Pure Encapsulations.

Reasons why you want to be sure you are getting the most trusted supplements on the market:

  1. Unlike prescription medications, dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  2. Supplement manufacturers do not need to prove the quality/quantity or report all ingredients contained in their products.
  3. Manufacturers and distributors are not required by law to investigate, record or forward any reports of injury/illness related to the use of their product to the FDA.
  4. Claims made about products do not need to be evaluated by the FDA, and may be based on uncontrolled studies.

If you are interested in taking any dietary supplement we encourage you to take Pure Encapsulations. We want to be sure you are ingesting the safest and highest quality supplements on the market.

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If you have questions about which supplements would be appropriate for you feel free to email Nina Pauk at dibonadentaldietitian@gmail.com