Your First Visit

Most dental treatment is completely and utterly unnecessary!


No, it’s true! Because most of it could have been prevented. Maybe you can't change the past, but the time is now to change your future. We strongly believe that everyone should have a lifetime plan for their long-term dental health. A good plan will prevent problems and save you time and money. But it has to be YOUR plan.


Amy, RDH, offering a gentle touch to both adult and pediatric patients.

What to Expect

On your first visit, we discuss your past dental experiences, carefully assess the current condition of your oral health, and try to make some predictions about the future. Your first appointment will include an examination and assessment of the teeth, the gum (periodontal) condition, your bite, the joints (the TMJs), an oral cancer exam, a home care evaluation, and necessary photos, x-rays, and models.

Your Long-Term Plan

Then, we involve you in a discussion of what YOU want (this is the most important part). Together, we work on a long-term plan. Now, if your long-term plan is to let your teeth rot away, we might suggest that you visit another practice. However, if your plan is to eventually fix your mouth as well as possible and avoid future heartache, then we can help. 

Our doctors care about you and the future of your oral health. Take charge of your life and schedule your first visit with us today. 

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