Is DiBona Dental Open?

Yes! We are now seeing patients for not only dental emergencies, but also for preventive care (like dental cleanings and x rays etc), and regular dental treatments like fillings, dental implants, dentures, crowns etc.

Are you operating normal or reduced hours?
We have actually expanded our hours to accommodate spacing out the schedule, including some Saturdays this summer. Call ahead as appointments are filling up very quickly. 603.772.4352

How is DiBona Dental Group keeping patients safe? What new protocols do you have in place?
Before coming in, it’s important to check our website for specific instructions about returning to our practice.

Here are some additional steps we are taking to keep you safe:

  • 2 step disinfection process of treatment room between all patients (including all surfaces in your room: chair, handles, door knobs, sinks, trays, computer keyboard/mouse, cabinets/drawers etc) and our usual Autoclaving/sterilization of instruments
  • Temperature checks on all employees every day, before they come inside
  • Temperature checks on all patients before coming inside, before they come inside
  • Covid screening questionnaires completed by all patients (and employees) every day, before coming inside
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizing stations set up throughout office
  • Mandatory mask policy for everyone in the office (employees and patients). Mask is removed by the patient only during dental treatment.
  • Staggered scheduling of patients to reduce contact with fellow patients in common areas
  • Scheduled 30 minute disinfection of office (this is in addition to treatment room disinfection, and includes bathrooms and front desk areas)
  • Waiting room is closed, minimizing contact with other people
  • Touchless payment options available (or you can call with credit card info)
  • Utilization of all CDC, ADA and OSHA protocols for safety at the dental office
  • We have our own safety coordinator who regularly updates entire staff with possible evolving protocols from the CDC (as well as provides blood borne pathogen training
  • MERV 13 Filtration of all air in HVAC system
  • HEPA / UV filtration systems throughout office

Are there any dental procedures you are not doing in your office right now?
Currently we are not starting any "in office" tooth whitening cases, as well as any purely cosmetic procedures (like veneers). However if your teeth need to be whitened prior to a new crown, we have options for "take home" kits to be used (and they are actually really amazing). Furthermore, if you chipped a tooth and need a veneer, we WILL be doing those cases. In general if it's purely cosmetic, we are choosing to postpone these type of cases until a later date.

Should I postpone my dental appointment?
With the "stay at home" orders lifted in our area, it's possible you're already safely moving about supermarkets/stores/running errands. Because we maintain a much more rigorous protocol of disinfection than stores and supermarkets, you may also start visiting the dentist for preventive care. Spring and Summer are great seasons to get your dental work done if you can. We are outside a lot, getting fresh air, and the common cold and flu are much less common this time of year. We highly suggest you still try to make it in if you can in order to prevent an emergency that arises 6 months from now.

I like to use the example of dental cavities and gum disease being sort of like diabetes or high blood pressure or cancer. In other words, these diseases get worse silently! Preventive appointments can help stop the spread of dental cavities as well as gum disease. REMEMBER THESE DISEASES DON'T HURT UNTIL THE SITUATION WORSENS. Actually some patients with advanced gum disease never have any pain at all. Many of you will have a small dental cavity now that can be diagnosed and treated with a simple filling. Wait a few months, maybe a year, and that cavity grows and treatment may involve a crown or a root canal etc.

What if you are under doctor's orders to stay home? 
If your doctor orders you to stay home, WE ARE STILL HERE TO SUPPORT YOU! You may talk to the dentists by calling the office to set up a telehealth appointment (email our treatment coordinator at: We will eventually be providing hygiene goodie bags for curbside pick up for patients who can not come in for treatment. Some other tips to manage your dental health if isolating at home:

  • Floss (yes you, floss).
  • Replace your toothbrush (or electric brush head)
  • Choose your foods wisely (avoid crusty bread, olive pits, popcorn, frozen bits in ice cream, almonds...catch the theme here?)
  • Don't be a daredevil on your active, but also don't do any activities that can cause your teeth to fracture!
  • Be prepared with Advil and/or Tylenol at home in case of an emergency and your dentist recommends an analgesic
  • Don't chew fingernails or pencaps
  • Try a stress reducing activity like meditation to help prevent clenching at night (one of my favorite apps is Headspace)

Be in touch with us if you are worried about your teeth, we are here to support you in any way we can 603.772.4352

Our team has been preparing for your safe return to our practice, and we look forward to seeing you soon!